Want to Get a Certified Jewelry Appraisal While-U-Watch?

David's state-of-the-art independent laboratory provides written jewelry and diamond appraisals in just minutes WHILE-U-WATCH. Your items never leave your sight! David does appraisals on antique and modern rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, watches, diamonds, colored gemstones, and more. He has performed over 80,000 appraisals in his career, and has been an innovator in his field for over 30 years. David co-designed the world's top jewelry appraisal program, as well tools and techniques used by other gemologists all over the world.

Think all appraisers are the same? Think Again. Most appraisers won't tell you if you got ripped off because they fear getting sued or defamed with negative feedback on-line by the store that committed the fraud. And, they stand to lose business if the store just happens to be one of their clients. They also place the values far above the real cost because they know that consumers love hearing high values and it makes for happy clients that won't question their work. Having your appraisals set higher than the actual value forces you to pay higher insurance premiums needlessly. Many other appraisers miss key problems simply due to a lack of education and experience. Saving money by using a lesser appraiser can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

David does not place his own pocketbook above honesty, and he has the advanced equipment and technical know-how to catch every trick in the book. He has developed a strong reputation over the past 40 years for telling his clients the kind of things that other appraisers can't or won't. That's why so many respected big companies love David and the crooks fear him. No other jewelry appraiser in Southern California has a better professional reputation than David.

All appraisals are performed in David's office by appointment only:

  • Appraisal Fees are $175 for the 1st item, $100 each item thereafter (payable by check only, no credit cards)

David R. Boggess, G.G.

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