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Get Honest Straightforward Facts from the Most Trusted Gemologist in Orange County

David R. Boggess, G.G.

  • Graduated at the top of his class as a Graduate Gemologist from the GIA.
  • Senior Member of the Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA).
  • Senior Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA).
  • Diploma Member of the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association (GIA).
  • AGA Certified "Gem" (Gemologist) Lab in the Orange County - Southern California region.
  • Lifetime Member, National Eagle Scouts Association (NESA).
  • Co-designed the #1 Jewelry Appraisal Software used by Appraisers all over the World.  
  • Over 40 Years' experience providing Jewelry Appraisals, Buying, Selling, and Expert Gemologist services to many of the finest jewelers, insurance agencies, financial institutions in Southern California.  David's client list has included:
Tiffany & Co.
Robinson's May
Bank of America
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Kay Jewelers
Wells Fargo
Washington Mutual Bank
Van Cleef & Arpels
Zales Jewelers
Union Bank
Gordon's Jewelers
First Interstate Bank
J Herbert Hall
Neiman Marcus
Hudson Goodman
First American Trust
Keepsake Jewelers
Weisfield Jewelers
Northern Trust Bank
The Jewelry Exchange
Saks Fifth Avenue
State Farm
Black Starr & Frost
Bailey Banks & Biddle
Farmers Insurance
21st Century
Mercury Insurance
& Over 80,000 Consumers

Selling Your Jewelry? Get a Free Consultation by a "Real" Certified Expert

David helps you make informed decisions by providing you with honest-straightforward facts, as evidenced by not just the numerous Gemological Diplomas, but the many letters of recommendation lining his office walls from esteemed companies such as Tiffany's, Nordstrom's, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and dozens of others major corporations who have trusted David's expertise for over 40 years.  David not only gives you highly accurate assessments of value; he explains in detail how he arrived at that value to help you fully understand the process of selling your jewelry.  

David offers free no obligation consultations to determine the exact selling price of your jewelry. There is no charge even if you don't sell to David.  Call or Text David at (949) 727-3411 for an Appointment. 

Most consumers have never sold jewelry or diamonds before, so they often wonder how it works.  First, you call or text David to make an appointment as he does not take walk-ins, this way he can give each client his full attention with complete privacy.  When you come to the appointment, David will first carefully examine your jewelry while you watch, your jewelry will never leave your sight.  Then he will explain every detail about your jewelry that affects its value, and David will tell you the maximum value that your jewelry can sold for.  That's it, straightforward and simple.     

One of the things that really stands David apart from other jewelry buyers is that he explains in great detail why your jewelry is valued for what it is, and you will often see this comment is his reviews.  He explains gemological value concepts in layman's terms which takes the mystery out of selling your jewelry, this way you can confidently make a proper decision about selling.  David shows you microscopic views of your jewelry and uses visual aids and reference materials to teach you how the grading process works, so will you be certain about how your jewelry's value was arrived at.  Sometimes David advises consumers not to sell certain pieces of jewelry because it isn't in their best interest, or he will recommend another avenue to sell their jewelry that does not involve David.  He does this because he believes his job isn't just about seeing how much money he can make from you, but how he can actually "help" you.  The purchase of a client's jewelry should "benefit both the buyer and the seller equally", and if that cannot be accomplished, then no purchase should be made. 

Some jewelry buyers have you mail them your jewelry for buying, or they take it out of your sight to "clean it or inspect it".  With David your jewelry never leaves your sight, not even for a moment; the entire evaluation process is done While-U-Watch, removing any possibility that your jewelry could be switched.  You will also always meet with David personally, and he buys and pays immediately.  There are no games, no gimmicks, no nonsense.      

Some of David's clients travel long distances to see him because no other jewelry buyer, diamond buyer, or jewelry appraiser in Southern California can match David's top notch expertise, and reputation for the highest integrity.  

David buys gold and platinum jewelry; rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, chains, watches, and estate jewelry.  David buys loose diamonds and jewelry mounted with diamonds.  He also buys colored gemstone jewelry.  You can sell him just one piece of jewelry or liquidate and entire estate.  Payment is always made immediately so you don't have to wait, you walk out the door paid in full.  All free no obligation expert consultations are done by appointment.  



 Looking to sell your gold jewelry?  David now has the Thermo Scientific Niton DXL Advanced XRF Gold Tester, which gives the exact gold content of your jewelry without damaging it. Nearly every gold buyer uses the inexpensive $50 “scratch acid test”, meaning they damage your jewelry by scraping it or filing it down to test it with acid, which gives only a rough approximation of the actual gold content. The $16,750 Niton DXL Advanced XRF Gold Tester provides a digital readout of the exact gold content of your jewelry in seconds without even touching it, and you get to see the results for yourself while watching your jewelry the whole time through the window on the device. The Thermo Scientific Niton DXL Advanced XRF Gold Tester is the most accurate gold testing device available.  


See the rest of David's Certified Gemological Laboratory, it is the most advanced in Orange County.  Click Here... Why is David's the #1 Certified Gemological Laboratory in Orange County?



 Watch the entire evaluation process safely through large glass windows, and be safe from the Coronavirus Pandemic

You can safely watch your jewelry through large glass windows while David does your free no obligation consultation; your jewelry never leaves your sight during the entire evaluation!  You communicate with David through a hands-free "no touch" electronic speak-through device installed in the window.  David spaces his appointments so that no other client is on the office with you at the same time, so you are not breathing anyone else’s air but your own.  We also installed a HEPA filtration system that scrubs the virus from the air.  



  David Boggess, November 1969 

David R. Boggess, G.G.
18 Technology Drive, Suite 158 | Irvine, CA 92618 | (949) 727-3411| By Appointment

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